Peter Harrison is a Professional Photographer and Commercial Pilot, based in Lake Macquarie NSW, Australia. He is one of a rare breed of professionals that has managed to pursue and merge his two passions, flying and photography.

Peter began shooting aerials in 1992 with a Pentax 6x7 medium format film camera. Today he is a multiple International Award Winning Photographer. His inspiring images captured throughout Australia present a unique, fresh, dynamic and professional body of work. Many of those images have been published in numerous worldwide media including Australian Geographic, Apple, News Ltd, Qantas Ltd, Nine Network, Microsoft, Seven Network, and many more. 

 Peter flies his own aircraft, a Cessna Cardinal 177RG, the ideal aircraft for aerial photography. Peter also uses other platforms as needed, including helicopters and drones.

Artist Statement:

A love affair with the sky and the rugged Australian landscape is the pulse behind every shutter click. My lens captures more than scenery. My purpose is to capture feelings, emotions and stories.

My need is as infinite as the sky - a commitment to bring the untouched beauty of Australia into the hearts and homes of those who seek the wonder of the world from a different perspective.

The images are emblems of history, beauty and reality, capturing the pulse of the land amidst global change.

The images share their own story with us, uniquely and individually. They evoke emotion a little differently in all of us. Ultimately, I love sharing the joy in what I get to see from above. 

This is an open invitation to join me on this journey, to experience the awe and to commit to the responsibility to cherish and protect these wild spaces. My aim is to provide more than decoration. My goal is to provide enlightenment, a change of perception and a commitment to the environment.